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Washington State University CAHNRS Personnel Tracking Portal

New Employee - Hourly


    If you refresh or close your internet browser you will have to reenter all information.
  • Action Effective Date assists in ticket prioritization. It is the date that the action is effective.
  • If a WSU ID has not been assigned to the employee, fill in 999999999 as the WSU ID.
  • Employee will need a NID to be able to sign into and enter hours into Cougar Manager.
  • Provide Employee's Date of Birth
  • Additional information needed for New Extension employees without a WSU ID number. You will need to call your Department Admin with the SSN & DOB.
    AddressPhone #Gender 
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  • This can be the position number or a current or former employee's name that performed this job.
  • If you know the title put it in here.
    Please note that the work-study portal must be submitted by the supervisor and approved by Student Financial Services before a work-study appointment can be entered.
  • Please enter a value greater than or equal to 12.
  • Begin DateEnd DateBudgetProject 
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  • Information related to hourly employment conditions located at:
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.